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Michael Stone to Return to Yoga Mandala

Michael Stone is Returning to the Mandala!

Cultivating Seamless Practice
A Weekend Workshop with Michael Stone
May 22nd - 24th, 2009

The Inner Tradition of Yoga
An evening talk & book signing
Friday May 22 7-9pm

What are we practicing when we practice yoga? Michael will discuss key
teachings from the yoga tradition and how they come to life in formal
practice and also in each and every moment. He will also explore the
relationship between mind and body in traditional teachings and some of
the necessary changes that the yoga tradition is undergoing as it
establishes itself in contemporary western culture.

Cost: $50

This talk is suitable for anyone interested in yoga philosophy. We encourage you to bring
friends, even if they have no practice background.
Intelligent Vinyasa
Saturday May 23
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

This day will focus on slowing down yoga posture sequences to better
understand the internal patterns of the postures and how the breath
flows through the poses giving rise to meditation, concentration and
ease. We will explore nadhas and pranayama sequences as they
naturally occur within the asanas.
Backbends and Inversions
Sunday May 24
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Sunday will focus on preparing the ground for backbends and inversions.
Beginning one step at a time students will learn to create
intelligent sequences and treat the asana as a form of pranayma and

All of these sessions are excellent for students of all levels as well as teachers
interested in maturing their understanding of the depth of yoga postures and
the psychology that informs them.

* Students are encouraged to participate in the entire weekend workshop.*


Early Bird Prices before April 15
Saturday or Sunday: $150/session
Saturday & Sunday: $270
All 3 Sessions (Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday): $300

After April 15
Saturday or Sunday: $160/session
Saturday & Sunday: $300
All 3 Sessions (Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday): $340