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Etiquette & Guidelines for Practice at Yoga Mandala

These guidelines are to help ensure that every student enjoys their class of choice to the fullest at Yoga Mandala.

PLEASE show respect for your teachers and fellow students. Each teacher brings something unique to a class -- be open to new and different ways of doing things, modify appropriately when you need to and ask questions after class.

PLEASE be quiet once you enter the practice area. Feel free to chat with friends, teachers and other students in the lobby and change rooms. Remember, however, the practice area is a place of quiet and contemplation -- please end discussions before you enter this space.

PLEASE don't bring cell phones, iPods or outside clothing and bags into the practice area. Feel free to bring handbags and wallets into class and place in the box at the back of the studio. Personal items can be distracting to you and others, and they clutter the studio space. The use of cell phones is restricted to the exterior corridor, and outside the building.

PLEASE try not to enter class late or leave early -- it is disruptive to others.

PLEASE avoid the use of perfumes or scented creams as others may be sensitive to smells.

PLEASE be mindful of what you eat before class and come hydrated. It may be difficult to practice on a full stomach, especially doing twists, deep forward bends and inversions. Water is best consumed before and after class rather than during. This helps to keep the internal body warm while you practice.

IF you are brand new to yoga, have an injury or condition, or are pregnant please advise the instructor prior to class. Modify or rest in child's pose when you need to.

Children between the ages of 12-15 are allowed to attend regular adult drop in yoga classes as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult and do not disrupt the class. Children 16 years and older may attend independently. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to attend regular adult yoga classes. In all cases, a responsible parent or guardian must sign a waiver on the child's behalf prior to practicing.

SET an intention for your practice. To help focus at the beginning of class, you may want to dedicate your practice to an intention -- to be open and non-judgmental; to be more loving and compassionate. Or you may want to dedicate your practice to a person or cause that is meaningful to you.

ENJOY your practice at Yoga Mandala.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti



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Drop In Updates
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Prenatal Yoga
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