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Dear Friends & Clients,
This is a message of both sadness & hope. Possibly my last Soapbox for a while!

As all of you know, COVID-19 is rewriting our history. We are all having to make lifestyle choices & life changes we never would have expected even a month ago. On March 14th, I made the decision to close the doors of Yoga Mandala to the public. I made the decision to temporarily close from the perspective of keeping our clients & teachers safe. That decision was difficult, only in that, I made it a couple of days earlier than most. That was a Saturday. By early the next week, everyone realized it was a necessary move. That decision was really not a difficult one. It was for the greater good.

The decision I had to make this week was a far more difficult. After 13 fantastic years in business, I’m sorry to say that the Yoga Mandala we’ve known & loved will be closing. As you have all read, this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in makes owning/running a small independent business next to impossible. Even with some understanding and generosity from my landlord, it is financially impossible to keep my business open without a steady influx of clients. The basic costs are too insurmountable.

So it is with sadness that I announce the closing of Yoga Mandala as we know it.

I want to thank all of you for your friendship, support & understanding over the years, and now in this difficult time. You have no idea how much the studio has meant to me over the years and how much I/we have enjoyed being a part of your lives. For some of you we were just a Yoga/Pilates studio & a gym. For many more of you we became a sanctuary, a clubhouse, a second home, a meeting place for friends, a place to fall in love, a place to recover from falling out of love, a place of employment, a place to share ideas & teachings, a place to recover from illness or injury, a place to experience the growth & development of a baby, a place to help you age more gracefully, a place to find balance, a place to work bloody hard, a place to laugh even harder...a place to learn to just slow down. I’ve loved providing that place for you all.
**more in comments below**

We sure miss all of you & hope you’re keeping well!
To help us stay connected, here are some of our teachers Instagram Handles (we will add more as they come in)💗 Sean @thedoctorsdlt
Christy @christypilates
Jess @mindfulmovementwithjess
Kristen @kristendorland_yoga_pilates
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Allison @mamasita1970
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Andrea @ajsirrs
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Leah @leahpeah23
Sara @saravillamilyoga ♥️
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Dear YM family

Thank you all for your beautiful outpouring of support for my decision to close the studio temporarily. I made the decision with the help of friends, family, staff & medical/science professionals. This note is a thank you to everyone, as the support has been so overwhelming I now realize I don’t have time to answer everyone or I’d never get off this terrible phone!

I can happily report that some business owners have been positively influenced by our decision & have been able to have the courage to follow our example. That is what I believe to be our best approach as a society. Many of you have expressed relief for having the decision made for you. I’m glad I could be the good bad guy for some of you.

I hope you all stay healthy and practice the new SD trend!

Many of you have expressed interest in online classes. For the moment, I just need to stop, breathe & think. I personally will not be offering classes online at this time.

I have given the teachers the go ahead to use the studio & YM as a venue for filming if they choose to do online classes.

We will continue to update you & anything you can access from YM will be free of charge.

In the meantime I hope you all take this opportunity to slow down. Reflect a bit on life. Breathe fresh air. Get outside & enjoy the coming spring & our beautiful nature we are blessed to have as Calgarians.

Thank you all again for your support & understanding. If you would like to pick up your mat from the studio, please DM to arrange a time.
Peace & Fresh Air


An important note from Kevin:
After reading many articles on the spread of CV19, the possible measures to take to minimize its spread, and after consulting with clients, a few of my staff teachers, medical professionals & a friend who is a virus expert that works with Corona Viruses, I have made the difficult decision to close Yoga Mandala to the public for as long as necessary.

I believe that it is my responsibility as the owner of a business that is built upon the gathering of many people into a common space, to make the health & wellness of our clients & my staff the top priority.

I believe the health & wellness of you & your loved ones is more important than you attending your Yoga, Fitness or Pilates class.

I believe it is not the time to flex our muscles & act as if we are somehow tough & resilient & can provide services to the public no matter what is thrown at us.

I believe it is my responsibility to support measures to encourage Social Distancing as recommended by actual health experts the world over.

I believe those experts know more than the people we may be discussing CV19 with over a coffee, as we speculate about the world’s overreaction to this crisis.

I believe Canadians as a whole are under-reacting.

Sadly, I believe it’s time to temporarily close our wonderful studio until this storm passes…

As is the case for so many businesses at this time, it is possible we may not survive this strange & unprecedented time. With your patience, understanding, support & perhaps some help from landlord/government/eradication of CV19 in a reasonable amount of time, I believe we will be reopening & once again providing you all with the best Yoga, Fitness & Pilates teachings available anywhere.

As of today, Saturday March 14, the studio will be closed to the public.

We will process refunds for pre/postnatal programs but all other memberships will be put on hold & extended for the equivalent time frame we are closing. I promise you all we will rise from these ashes again & any studio I own will honour the memberships we have sold. Let’s hope it’s our beloved Yoga Mandala as it is & where it is now. Please send any questions to

Two chances to practice with Jess every Thursday. Noon Hour Yoga & 5-6pm for Vinyasa Flow. Link in profile to save your spot @mindfulmovementwithjess 💫
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Pilates Express POP UP Class this Saturday with @christypilates! Due to frigid temperatures this coming weekend, Christy has added an extra Pilates Class on Saturday, March 14, 10:30-11:15am 🎉💪Space is limited so please save your spot! Link in profile 💫
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